Why and how to make new connections as an adult?

I admit that after university, I thought my circle of friends was perfect and that no new people would join it. Where and why should we even find meaningful friendships as adults? However, I have discovered that having new friends in adulthood is not only possible but incredibly cool and important.

Some reasons to make new friendships as an adult are the following:

👥 Shared experiences: As I’ve grown older, I’ve faced new challenges, joys, and milestones. Finding friends who are going through similar life stages has provided invaluable support and understanding.
👥 Different perspectives: Adult friendships often bring together people from various walks of life, leading to richer, more diverse viewpoints and a broader understanding of the world.
👥 Mental well-being: Strong social connections have been proven to benefit mental health and overall well-being. Having someone to trust and share your thoughts with has been a true source of comfort and resilience. Friendships made in adulthood create meaningful social bonds that help combat loneliness and social isolation.
👥 Professional growth: Building meaningful connections outside of my career has opened doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and personal growth. It has also enhanced my problem-solving skills and broadened my perspectives on various issues.
👥 Good for health: Studies have shown a link between social isolation and cardiovascular problems, so adult friendships are beneficial for your heart. Additionally, I have found great running buddies who help me stick to my hobby, which not only boosts my physical endurance but also alleviates stress..

How can you make friends as an adult? Here are some very simple ways:

Join different groups: Look for clubs or organizations related to your interests and passions. Whether it’s a book club, a sports team, or a volunteer group, these are great places to meet people with similar interests..

Use online platforms: Social media and networking platforms aren’t just for building professional contacts. They are also excellent tools for finding people who share common interests and goals. Why not take a walk with your baby and use an app like Willuwalk to find a walking buddy?

Be open and sociable: Approach potential friends with an open heart and mind. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation and take the initiative.

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