How it works

Personal. Judgment-free. Flexible.

With a little baby, making plans is complicated, and getting somewhere on time can be stressful. Willuwalk mobile app allows you to meet with other parents spontaneously and conveniently at a time that suits you.

In the postpartum period, you might feel lonely and isolated – your friends are at work during the day, and it’s difficult to find time to meet and communicate. Willuwalk opens up the opportunity for you to expand your community.

Interacting with another person in a similar situation helps share worries and joys, and outdoor activities keep both your physical and mental health in good shape.

An inspiring conversation partner is just one invitation away.

Position yourself on the map

By pressing the "Start" button in the app, you become visible on the map to others and can also see the approximate locations of other strollers.

See who is walking in your area.

By clicking on the images of other strollers, you can view the user profile. Based on interests, children's ages, user language proficiency, or user location, you can choose to send a walking invitation to whom you prefer.

Let's walk together!

If the other user accepts the invitation, a chat window will open between the two of you. There, you can arrange details or discuss how long each of you will be walking. The sender of the invitation also has the option to mark a meeting point on the map.

Collect points and participate in a prize draw!

Collect points by accumulating walking kilometers, attending meetings, or engaging in activities related to locations on the map.