For municipalities

Willuwalk offers support to parent residents on their parenting journey and creates a stronger sense of community.

Becoming a parent brings new challenges

  • 8 out of 10 mothers feel lonely after giving birth.
  • 1 out of 7 women experience postpartum depression.
  • New parents often struggle to find necessary information – from playgrounds to useful tips.
  • Moving to a new place makes it difficult to connect with other parents in the community.
  • Emerging pressures can cause stress and other health issues.

Willuwalk makes the parenting journey much easier

  • Allows you to meet nearby parents in similar life stages and receive support from them
  • Motivates daily physical activity to reduce the occurrence of mental health-related issues
  • The smart assistant provides advice on family life and parenting-related questions
  • Allows you to find family-friendly places in the municipality on a map, such as playgrounds, restaurants, hiking trails, museums, and more.

A stress-free and healthier parent
reduces the strain on the healthcare system.

Willuwalk for municipalities

  • Unlimited access for parents residing in the local municipality to Willuwalk app functionalities during a predefined period, including premium features such as the smart assistant and connecting with other parents
  • The community of parents from the local government strengthens interpersonal connections and fosters a sense of community among residents
  • A local government-based leaderboard for users’ physical activity motivates a healthy lifestyle
  • Various use cases: distribute Willuwalk access vouchers at baby showers for new parents, upon moving to a new municipality, or use them in marketing activities to motivate registration with the local government.

A stronger sense of community creates a safer living environment and builds an image of a family-friendly local government.


Benefits for municipalities​

✔️ Supports new parents in adjusting to life changes and reduces the burden on social and healthcare systems

✔️ Supports the integration process of new residents and helps foster a cohesive community

✔️ Facilitates parents getting to know each other and fosters a sense of community along with a safer living environment

✔️ Encourages residents to be physically active

✔️ The image of a family-friendly municipality increases


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