Download an app that allows you to find other parents in your local area. Real people, real conversations.

Based on studies, over 50% of parents feel lonely during the postpartum period.

Perhaps your previous circle of acquaintances is at work during the day, a new circle of acquaintances hasn't formed yet, and it's difficult to find opportunities for socializing, even though you really need it in this new role.

With the Willuwalk mobile app, you can grow your community.

You can discuss topics from baby-led weaning to entrepreneurship with walking companions, and why not establish lasting friendships - inspiring conversation partners are just one invitation away.

Adding communication to your daily walk makes it more exciting and motivates you to move more.

Physical exercise helps maintain mental health and has a positive impact on well-being.

Do you feel lonely after the birth of your child?
Can't manage to go for a walk with the baby every day?

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