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Willuwalk offers support to employees with children on their parenting journey and provides a supportive user-to-user community.

Becoming a parent brings challenges...

  • On average, 42% of employees are parents.
  • 40% of parents change jobs within a couple of years after becoming parents, as confirmed by our survey
  • 8 out of 10 mothers feel lonely after giving birth.
  • 1 in 7 women experiences postpartum depression.
  • Returning from parental leave causes anxiety and uncertainty among employees, often leading to delays in their return.
  • These additional pressures can result in decreased productivity.

Willuwalk makes the parenting journey much easier

  • It allows parents in similar life stages to connect and receive support.
  • It motivates daily physical activity to reduce mental health issues.
  • The smart assistant provides advice on family life and parenting questions.
  • It helps locate family-friendly places like playgrounds, restaurants, and museums on the map.

An employee who is relaxed and healthier
is more productive and takes fewer sick days.

Willuwalk for employees - the ultimate corporate wellbeing solution

  • Unlimited access to the Willuwalk app’s features for company employees, including premium functions such as the smart assistant and limitless connecting with other parents.
  • The community formed by company users strengthens interpersonal connections within the organization.
  • Communication between the employee and the HR department, as well as their direct supervisor, both during parental leave and upon returning from it.
  • Sending important messages from the company to employees.
  • An internal physical activity leaderboard motivates a healthy lifestyle within the company.

A sense of workplace community reduces
the likelihood of an employee leaving the employer.


Benefits for the company

✔️ A more carefree and healthier employee is more productive and takes fewer sick leaves.
✔️ Employee’s connection to the company strengthens, as they feel more like a part of the “work community.”
✔️ Employees find additional motivation for interpersonal communication and physical activity.
✔️ An employee is less likely to decide to leave the company and the work community.
✔️ The family-friendly employer brand image is enhanced through word-of-mouth marketing by employees.
✔️ An employee returning from parental leave is more motivated to work and feels like a part of the work community even during their leave.


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