In the year 2021, the idea was born

… to connect walking parents and create additional value for their everyday activity – walking.

App`s founder Elise is a passionate enthusiast of strolling with her baby.

“Before the birth of my child, I was very physically active, and that also kept my mental health in good shape. Therefore, I knew that long walks would continue to be a part of my days after the baby’s arrival. By now, I have strolled hundreds and hundreds of kilometers – outdoor movement became a consistent routine in the slightly chaotic and daunting postpartum period. I particularly looked forward to walks when I knew I could walk with someone, chat, ask questions, explore, or simply talk about everyday topics. In my new role, I had lost the usual frequent communication with colleagues and friends, whose schedules differed from my baby’s sleep times. I hadn’t yet found new contacts related to children, making it easy to slip into a bubble of loneliness. On the other hand, I often saw other moms and dads on the streets, but beyond a shy smile, I didn’t know how to establish contact with them.”

Willuwalk was born from the desire to create an opportunity to connect with each other, move together, motivate each other, and share joys and worries.

Willuwalk's team


co-founder, CEO, CMO



co-founder, CTO