Establishing healthy exercise habits from infancy and toddlerhood

Physical activity is important for everyone, from tiny babies to toddlers, and it has numerous beneficial effects – strong muscles and bones, better coordination and balance, stimulated brain development, and improved sleep. Additionally, engaging in physical activity together provides an opportunity to build stronger social bonds and increase self-confidence.

Hannalore Taal, the creator of Muuv exercise cards and a physiotherapist, shares recommendations on why it is beneficial to exercise with even a small baby.


Why exercise with your baby?

Daily exercise and physical activities are beneficial for all of us. For babies, active exercises help build strong muscles and bones, creating a solid foundation for future milestones such as crawling, walking, and running. Exercise also develops coordination and balance. Simple activities like tummy time and reaching for toys enhance a baby’s motor skills, improving their coordination and balance. Physical activity also stimulates brain development. As a baby moves, they learn about and interact with their environment, boosting cognitive skills. Additionally, active babies often sleep better, which is crucial for their overall growth and development. Exercise is also a great way for babies to interact with parents and siblings, strengthening important social bonds.

Why exercise with your toddler (1-4 years old)?

Active exercises, games, and workouts for toddlers help strengthen their muscles and improve overall physical fitness. Running, jumping, and playing develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills, which are essential for their daily lives. Early exposure to physical activity lays the foundation for healthy habits that can last a lifetime. The skills and achievements gained through physical activity boost a toddler’s confidence and self-esteem. Playing and engaging in active activities with a parent or other children also help toddlers develop social skills such as teamwork and communication.

The Muuv exercise cards for babies provide ideas on how parents can support their baby’s physical development. Similarly, Muuv exercise cards for toddlers offer opportunities to support a child’s development and spend quality time together.

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