Baby's first splashes: more than just fun

You’re surely aware of how important water and swimming are for babies. But have you considered the specific benefits beyond pure enjoyment that water splashing and swimming offer? With the help of  V Spa, we explore why the aquatic environment is so valuable for babies. Additionally, we share useful tips and personal experiences on how you can fully enjoy a pleasant spa day with your baby.

Why is water beneficial for babies?

  1. Supports Development: Swimming with a baby helps develop their motor skills and balance. Water provides freedom of movement and an opportunity for babies to explore their bodies, contributing to both physical and mental development.
  2. Boosts Immune System: Water can be a great way to strengthen a baby’s immune system. Swimming in warm water helps them relax and may reduce stress, which can improve immune function.
  3. Bonding: Swimming with a baby is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between parents and their child. The aquatic environment offers a peaceful setting for bonding, allowing parents to connect more closely with their baby and enjoy quality time together.

Tips for a pleasant spa day with your baby

  1. Choose the Right Time: Before heading to the spa, ensure your baby is well-rested and calm. A tired or hungry baby won’t enjoy the water activities, and their restlessness can also make parents anxious. Babies also get tired faster in water, so be prepared for shorter spa visits. Preferred times for spa visits are mornings when ticket prices are generally lower, and most other spa guests are mothers with their children, making it easier to enjoy the spa more privately. 
  2. Monitor Water Temperature: Make sure the spa’s water and room temperature are suitable and pleasant for your baby. The optimal water temperature for babies is usually around 32-34 degrees Celsius. At V Spa, the water in the baby pools is kept at a comfortable 33 degrees Celsius.
  3. Use Suitable Swim Gear: Choose appropriate swimwear and swimming aids for your baby. Swim diapers or swim pants help ensure your baby is comfortable and safe. You can usually purchase disposable or reusable swim diapers at the spa.
  4. Be Cautious: Always stay close to your baby and never leave them unattended. Support your baby gently and keep your hands under them to help them feel secure. To boost your confidence, consider booking a session with a baby swim instructor the first time you take your baby into the water, as they can provide tips on exercises to do in the water. Move slowly and wear footwear that prevents slipping on wet and slippery floors.
  5. Enjoy the Time Together: Don’t forget to enjoy quality time with your baby! A spa visit with your baby can be a fun and soothing experience that brings joy and pleasure to both of you. While managing a stroller, bags, and your baby can be challenging, consider inviting your partner or friend along. Many spas have shared changing rooms for both men and women, which makes it more convenient to handle activities with the baby – inquire about this! In addition to the above, V Spa has breastfeeding rooms among its saunas and pools. All this is designed to provide mothers with everything they need for a pleasant spa visit with their baby. 

Baby swimming is a wonderful way to enjoy relaxing and enjoyable time with your little one. Besides being fun, swimming with your baby offers numerous amazing health and developmental benefits. So, don’t hesitate to take a little spa break with your baby and enjoy the wonderful world of water together!

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